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I will be doing just a few Immigration Medical Evaluations in the near future, but will give priority to those referred to me from the regular referring attorneys. The requirements placed on Civil Surgeons have increased dramatically and in many cases the process will be quite prolonged and the laboratory's prices have increased significantly so the costs have gone up once again.

You (or your attorney's office) should call or text me at 971-770-1170 with your 1) Name(s) (patient or patients' names), 2) Birthdate(s), 3) EMAIL(s), and 4) Attorney's Name(s), and, if there are any appointments available, I will send you the link to book your appointment. There will NOT be a lot of appointments and most of them will be worked into my cluttered schedule so there will be limited flexibility, sorry to say.

I DO NOT do primary care any longer, BUT if you are looking for an injection for allergies, cosmetic purposes, musculo-skeletal problems, or other, please text me at 971-770-1170 to check availability.


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